Bitcoin Holiday!

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On 31 October 2008, a document titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, aka White Paper by Bitcoin and authored by Satoshi Nakamoto, was published in a chiffropunk mailing list.

This day, along with 3 January 2009, when the genesis block was generated, is considered one of the key dates in Bitcoin history.

After 12 years, the 9-page technical document has become a world famous project with a $250 billion capitalisation, no fundraising, no budget marketing, no office and no paid staff.

The best thing to do on this day is to read/read Satoshi’s document. If for some reason you have not already done so, there is a good opportunity now. Gain knowledge and appreciate how ingenious everything is.

We have a great vision – Krypto Psychopath. It’s a video about Bitcoin as the best technology for the 10th anniversary, we made it for the Surprise Wylsacom competition, but he wasn’t surprised somehow.

Price of Bitcoin 31 October in different years

2010 — $0.2
2011 — $3.27
2012 — $11.06
2013 — $204
2014 — $338
2015 — $314
2016 — $700
2017 — $6,468
2018 — $6,317
2019 — $9,199
2020 — $14,140

Happy 12th WhitePaper day!

Birthday Incrypted!

We turned 3 years old. For us it is forever and at the same time „like yesterday“. During this time we have made mistakes and worked on mistakes, tried to develop and make the content better, videos more interesting, news faster.

There is still a lot to be done, but the main thing that we have received over these 3 years is people. Friends, channel admins, traders, project representatives, bloggers, and of course our subscribers.

It was people who prevented us from giving up this idea in the most difficult times. Thank you! So while you are with us, we are not afraid of any ordeals!

On 30 October we held a festive stream, where we told our story about the creation of the project, answered your questions, watched the final battle of portfolios, announced all the winners of the competitions, and also many interesting stories from our friends!

For those who were not present, do not miss the strip recording on our Youtube channel.

Jeremy Aller, CEO of Circle, the developer and issuer of the USDC, has published a screenshot of a $100 BTC purchase using the PayPal service.

The service is likely to be under testing for a limited number of users The official launch of the service is planned for the near future, but the exact date is not yet known.

Keeping Bitcoin for 2 months is more profitable than selling the software for 3.5 years?

Over the last 3.5 years Microstrategy has earned $78 million from its commercial activities (mainly analytical software development).

And at the same time Microstrategy has made about $100 million in the last 2 months since buying Bitcoin – $425 million invested in Bitcoin turned into $525 million, the average purchase of BTC was $11,000.

Comparison of BTC 2016 and 2020 charts

The last two months of the post-halving 2020 Bitcoin schedule correlated very strongly with the 2016 schedule.

At this stage, the BTC was worth $895 in 2016, and a year later it increased 20 times!

Fundamental Bitcoin metrics could cause the largest growth in history

A new report from the analytical company Ethereum Code says that bitcoin has been growing since the March collapse in terms of parameters that were not present during previous growth periods. And this time, fundamental onchain metrics show that bitcoin is ready for the biggest breakthrough in history.

Among the growth factors, analysts note:

  • Changes in the correlation between Bitcoin and gold and the dollar. With gold on highs, and with the dollar – on lows;
  • Recent investments in BTC by public companies, such as MicroStrategy and Square;
  • Continued outflow of BTCs from central exchanges. This is usually due to the desire of users to keep the BTC on their own, focusing on the long-term perspective;
  • Increasing the number of long-term holdings, which confirms its perception as a means of preserving capital on an equal footing with gold;
  • Decrease in emissions after the May halving with steady price growth.